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The Decade chat with me (What I do?)

Hello machos!!

Okay!! Today we will be talking about what exactly I do, as in the earlier blog I stated: about the “Creative lifestyle” and “professional freelancer lifestyle”

Yes!! So I write for the start-ups around India and Have 3 long term clients as of now and I hope it grows.

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Also, I offer gigs too!! Look out on Fiverr @vrushalikhadilk

I enjoy my work and I am really passionate about it.

I work from home as I said – I am a professional freelancer. I got to be very disciplined as here I am my own boss and I need to take care of the work and deliver it right before the deadline. I feel I am good at it!

Recently, yes!! I did felt like uhh!! I need people around me. Colleagues and all!! But then I quiet my mind and say that “Bro, I hate doing 9 to 5 and I want to be my own boss”

It is just a computer and me the whole day because I love the work!!

The internet has created lots of opportunities for us. Web developers, tarot readers can get their clients anywhere around the globe.

The work keeps me excited!!

The gig economy appeals to me. Thou’ there is the hustle I find it good because this will allow me to be the digital nomad.

Recently, one lady approached me via Instagram on how exactly I started with the business. I booked a free consultation call for her to help her out. You know!! Helping other women makes me feel empowered as I am in the flow of empowering them.

When I was graduating in this decade I actually didn’t know exactly how to do it all. You know!! Nothing that I desired to pursue had any syllabus.

I just did it!!

In the decade coming up, I will go with the flow and make my business reach great heights.

If you need a friend with whom you can talk or rant about freelancing or your workstyle just let me know. Mail me or write in the comments section.

Find me on Instagram at aprilautumnservices

I wear too many hats because they all look good on me!! 

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