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The Decade chat with me.

Hello bubbles!!

Wherever I jump on the internet landscape right now, i just see people writing about “The last month of the decade” Posting photos about #Decade and so on. I really appreciate that! Really!!
Oh yes!! Taylor won the Artist of the decade aware. Wow! I love what she is doing.
The full moon happened last night and where I stay, here in India. It rained! We were like- hey! Why is it raining in Winter?  And I thought may be Yeah Greta is right. Climate is changing!
Those of you who aren’t aware. Basically, India has three seasons and it doesn’t rain when its winter like seattle. Really!! But now it’s changing. Delhi is the most polluter state!!
Well, let’s get back to the topic “Decade”
It’s getting over. You know! The new one is starting and I could see only few people talking about planning and dreaming about the decade ahead. And that’s me!!
I am already and always thankful for the day passed by, the weeks went by and the years. I take each year! And neither I find myself planning very much ahead thou’ I like to think in the forward motion rather than letting the emotional nostalgia occupy my mind who is planning to rule the next day, week and years ahead.
What’s lived is lived well!! We are proud and there is no point in showing the world you a decade earlier and now.
What you care about? Don’t you care about the person decade later? You DO! So, do that!!

I have been stuck with the situation right now where I just don’t know how to explain My granny about my creative lifestyle my work from home lifestyle where I don’t wear a bra while working. Hey!! I am a professional freelancer right now!
I hope she UNDERSTANDS it soon!!
This is the gig economy and we need a good internet Connection, keypad with a smooth screen and ideas to roll. Main thing CONFIDENCE! Self-belief!!!!!!

I See Me growing my business Into a Creative Agency very soon.
I am growing!

For me I am only thinking about my business and how can I impact people’s lives.
Each step I take right now will effect me a decade later.

“When you believe in yourself you grow”
Thanks for reading this!

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20 I love You,

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