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It’s Thanksgiving!!

And I want to thank you! Each one out there. Thanks to every woman out there who dares to say her truth, each man who supports women and all the LGBTQ+ community who have explained all of us that love is love.

Stay strong! I want to tell you that as you feel empowered within yourself you empower those around you.

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I want to thank the influential women out there who make to the TIME list and those who don’t. Each one is influential!

If you see any women fighting and hustling make sure you support her. Don’t be scared! Say something inspiring at least which can make her so strong that she will fight all by herself.

I want to thank the reader who reads and wants to grow. I want to to thank WordPress!

So, this thanksgiving let’s play a game together, just like a family.

I will be answering the questions down below and I will later nominate the amazing bloggers to add one blog post answering the same questions.

Let’s begin!

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? (any)

Gathering with all!! Eating sweets and having just fun. I love the Ganeshutsav the most in which we gather and beat the drums and dance. I love it!! We also prepare Modak which is like sweet momos.

If you could learn a new skill next year what it would be?

Next year!! I want to learn lots of stuff. Graphic designing is on the list. Maybe I will get that done is Q1.

What made you laugh the hardest this year?

I love watching stand-up comedy. I guess while I was watching a Whitney Cummings Stand-up I laughed the loudest.

What’s the best thing about this year? (entertainment)

Well, great shows ended. The watch was over. GOT ended!! I cried.. I still love listening to the theme song each morning. Oh my gosh!! Madonna and Taylor released their New albums!! Taylor is the artist of the decade. Yuhoo!!! Oh yes!!! Modern Love!!! Chernobyl….the list is never going to end.


Anyone can participate! You are my WordPress family. Just let me know so that I can read your post. It is gonna be fun!

But still, I would nominate 




Please participate, guys!!






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