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FREE Social Media Detox Guidebook


I have a gift for you!

I have written a short Social Media Detox guide just for you. Click here to get it FREE

I haven’t been online on my Instagram since the beginning of November. Apart from posting some feed for my clients I am away from it (like from my accounts)

I took a break from the social media as a preparation for 2020. If I feel, I will keep on the detox until the New Year begins. Let’s see!

Let me tell you when I am on Instagram it is just for an hour. So, I am not addicted that much. But still the freedom this detox provides is of some value to me.

The thoughts about maintaining the grid look on Instagram still roll overs in my mind all of a sudden.

I do check on the emails so that if anyone wants to contact me, they might drop an email which I have mentioned on Instagram.

To know more about all things read the guidebook. I hope you will enjoy and do consider having detox.

Let me know your thoughts on the guidebook.

20 I Love You, April

2 thoughts on “FREE Social Media Detox Guidebook

  1. The best way I found to detox is to cut it off completely. Congrats on taking these hiatuses! It is not easy, but I find the most effective method is giving my password away to someone I trust and getting them to change the password. I haven’t been on Facebook as of late 2017 and I haven’t checked Instagram since August 2019. I don’t even know my passwords so I am not tempted to log in even if I wanted to check them, and to reset them via email is such a pain that I cannot be bothered. Thank you for the guide. I look forward to reading it! 😊

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    1. Hey Hilary!!
      Thanks!!! It takes a willpower.
      I am glad you found someone who you can trust with the password.

      I totally deleted my facebook in 2017 ….it was like I was wasting my time talking and looking at the same people on instagram and facebook.. Here and there..
      The message which pops up while deleting the account is so sentimental…
      FB says “This person will miss you.. PERSON D will miss you”
      Oh!! But I proceeded… Again it said that you an come back within 14days if you change your mind..
      I didn’t!! I kicked that FB out of my life..
      I use Instagram..
      One is @aprilautumnservices

      And @vrushalikhadilkar this one I did a mass unfollowing last week..
      Just aligning the Taylor Swift in my.. 🤓 Tay doesn’t follow anyone…
      On aprilautumnservices I do follow.. Two hundred of the creatives…

      And yeah!! Resetting the password is so pain.. And time consuming…
      Very good going girl!!
      Virtual people can wait!!

      Do let me know your feedback on the short guide.. I hope you have downloaded it..
      I have attached links to videos and stuff…
      You will love it..!!
      I hope it does help you!!!!
      Thanks!!!! ✌
      Sending positive vibes 💫

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