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Adrenala’s Misty Tales #4

She is back with some fetishes this time and some desires.

Adrenala V.O

I have that desire. That desire looks at me and makes me squirm. When I lay hairs down my shoulders and open them up after tying them all day. They touch my lower back. And I want him to kiss me there! I want to feel his lips on the back. But, now it’s just my back pack and the feelings I generate and expect to give me pleasure. It works sometimes! More often I end up wanting those lips. He loves it too.

We human desire all the time. We all want to end up in front of our desired partner or whatever. So, what you desire? A cup of hot tea or more tales?

Hello guys!

This is Adrenala’s Misty Tales#4 And I hope you will enjoy.

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