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Youtube: Channel Trailer

Hello reader!

Open YouTube and type

“Vrushali Khadilkar”


As you know I began uploading videos on YT since last year. And I called it a low-budget production because the cellphone camera was not up-to the mark which feeds the quality quirks, but that worked for me at that moment. Because, I had the hunger to make something and to start.

Now, I have my video on the Internshala channel with thousand of views which are increasing.

I still don’t owe any good camera but now I have switched to the better quality phone camera and In upcoming days I may grab a new camera and quench my thirst too.

At the very beginning and until last week I didn’t made any thumbnails. (Now you know what was the condition) But, yesterday I made the thumbnails (which are looking kiss-worthy) and have a channel trailer to welcome you. (which is really smooch-worthy) Did you loved it?

Overall, the journey on YouTube has been great. And now I am improving more and more.

My thought of just starting was so damn good.

So, if you are stuck with a thought and want the circumstances to change. Just don’t wait! Start out with the things you have. The world is gonna dislike even though you film a HD video. There will be haters and lovers!

All those out there in their twenties or even thirties. You just grab your coffee and keep on doing your thing!!! Because, you got this! Believe in yourself!!!!

In the latest trailer you can catch the glimpse of me at the graduation ceremony moments.

I will be posting about YouTube here as well. So, watch this space for more.

To watch my YouTube Channel click here

Here is my video for Internshala

Let me know your feedback.


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8 thoughts on “Youtube: Channel Trailer

    1. Oh! Thanks a lot!!! If the elder sister is amazing why won’t the little sis..😄
      You are an amazing sister. Thank you for witnessing this journey.
      Thanks for you blessings!!

      Yep!! And you said right. Totally agree!!


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