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Movie Review :Chhichore


Today you will be reading here about the Hindi Movie “Chhichore” which was released this month and here is the trailer

This movie revolves around college life, relationships and how to handle the failures.

In life we have full proof plans for all the success but we rarely think what happens if we don’t get that much grades or if we don’t land that wonderful job.

We worry how the society will see us!

And we shall not think that way.

The plot of the movie is the best Engineering college in India NIT. Anni, Maya, Acid, Bevda, Mummy and Sexa are friends.

The story begins with Maya and Anni’s Son waiting with worry-face for JEE results. (He is so worried) He is nervous. While he is at his friends house for checking the results online, he feels very shocked because even though he studied wholeheartedly he didn’t make it. (nervousness gets a little further) he jumps! His friend calls his dad and they all are gathered at the Hospital. (Maya and Anni are divorced parents)

The scene when the Dr mentions that he have seen lot of patients getting recovered but in their son’s case Dr says that he doesn’t have any will power to live. So, Anni gets back home and grabs the college book in which he goes back in time and revisits all the moments.

Have willpower!!

He wants his son to know that all were losers. They tried and played well and never gave up.

So, Anni calls his friend Sexa. Who isn’t in any playboy-ish things now but he is on the rooftop attaining a business meeting.

Things really change!

The movie is must watch for all.

Very soon we will be decoding the songs in this movie. Watch this space for more!

So, twenty-something have you already watched it?

Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review :Chhichore

  1. Love this movie for it brought me back to my college and hostel days in India. I love the example on the Champagne bottle and when the father later expressed regret saying even failure has to be celebrated. What a telling statement 🙂 Beautifully interpreted.

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