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Sheroes Hangout

Today you would be reading about the Hang out place which is “Sheroes” It is one of the Hangout place started by acid attack survivors.

I would like to get their story here on this article as much as I could because they are really inspiring.

So, I simply found about this place when I was working on a project for my business. And the theme have just inspired me to know more. Over there (at cafe) are those women who really inspire. And another reason is that when I saw the poster of the movie Chhapaak of Deepika Padukone. The movie poster is also inspired by Anmol R.

So, this cafe is basically located in Delhi and you shall definitely check that out.

Here is the link to their instagram page Sheroes

Do click here She is Anmol R. The lady who was in the short film Aunty Ji with Shabana Azmi.

You will get inspired and I urge you that please share your love towards them.

Not only sometimes but each second matters. How much you believe in yourself matters the most. Doesn’t matter how you look!! If you are happy and proud of your own self than you will inspire people.



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