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Talking with my specs on #8


I hope you have been enjoying the lit series called Adrenala’s Misty Tales

Check out my Internship experience on India’s largest platform here. I enjoyed making it as it was created spontaneously which goes with my personality. Simple & sophisticated.

Falling in love with my own self.

Few days back I shared my experience on the blog here and on my YouTube channel.

Please do watch and let me know your opinion

I want you to know that don’t let the people around you hold you back.

I want you to know that you shall learn to trust your gut. You get to know when to stop.

Support and grow!

We all have wounds. Some of them which we can see and some of them we can’t. Whatever the state of the wound is, it gives PAIN. I got the chance to visit the hospital for taking care of my nearest acquaintance. I saw those patients in there, whose skin was wounded, burned.. Some of them got electric shock! When in there, I could hear the spearing yelling of the brave people who were taking all that pain in and screaming that out. I want all of them to get better soon! The word “dressing” makes them hate that word. Even me! You know, cause that’s when the ointment and disinfectant goes on the wound and creates that tingling unbearable pain. I can feel that! Do you feel sympathy or empathy? The doctor those who are in the dressing room are doing the same thing for the whole day and just the wounds and the people are different.

I try my best to make them feel safe and secure! This is my urge to you that never overlook that person. Be with them in any way, you possibly can. Okay!

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3 thoughts on “Talking with my specs on #8

    1. Hey!!
      I am glad you liked the title. ๐Ÿ˜„

      Agree!! Doctors are doing commendable work.

      Thanks for reading!!! ๐Ÿ™


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