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Adrenalas’s Misty Tales #3

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Adrenalas’s Misty Tales

(The rooftops are high, the sky is smudging grey in hue and there is that wind flowing through her spectacular body.)

Adrenala is up from her dream which she really loved and felt. Felt in such a way that she is feeling fresh 9X and she will feel more more more amazing once she takes that dose of coffee.. Nah!! Tea…!!

Ana and Laila are still sleeping.

The nature is blooming and shaking itself in different colours while Adrenala glances at her newly equipped and customised wardrobe in which she stacked up all citrus coloured bold orange Loewe Skirt.

From bright oranges to lemon yellow, colour blocks and punchy prints. She bought some clothes from and got the glasses from Dior.

(Taking the sips she switches on her radio and starts searching that beautiful destination and flights with skyscanner)

She finds a Flight from Chennai to the destination.

The destination which was on her list. She is travelling with her BFFs and her guy is coming straight to Airport.

( Drum roll please!!)

She is Visiting Greece.

Adrenala have planned and booked her tickets with Etihad Airways which will depart @ 4:00 PM to Athens.

The next cuppa of tea will be getting inside in Athens.

Adrenala VO

It’s time to turn those feelings in orange, yellow and add the zest of lemon. It will be tasting incredibly good.

( She looks at Ana and Laila with a frown and maybe she will wake ’em up with the bucket full of water)

To know if she does..

Stay tuned for more!

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