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Adrenala’s Misty Tales #2 |Turning20web

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Adrenala’s VO

Whatever you do in life and dosn’t matter how much you resist you will get back over there, AGAIN. The circle completes itself!

Adrenala is up from her bed putting back on the charger with the phone and switching it on because she forgets to put on the “on” button. She did put it on today. Today, after a long time she hAd that blanket cover her.. as it was getting cooler outside. She will be going for a long walk! She comes back..

Adrenala VO

(Wearing blue shirt and white track along with that spunky smile)

She has been listening to music which is totally upbeat. She makes the tea and puts on the music loud. She is feeling shocked the way The player Yuvraj Singh took the retirement.

(Right then Ana called– She is the best friend and even thou she can’t walk she moves you and herself with her words)

(Adrenala is happy to see her and both of them discuss about the Cricket Player retirement. Ana remembers his sixes for all the six balls in an over. That was epic!)

Adrenala VO

Everything which once began has to end someday. Sometimes it’s better to let go which was with you all through your life.

That sport have made him and he is not playing for India but I bet you that not for a single day he would ever spend without touching the bat and the ball. Once you choose something, you have chose it!

Ana VO

Yes!! That’s true.. He says he would be helping for the initiative of Cancer Cure as he is the Cancer Survivor himself.

And he would play!!

Adrenala VO

Legacy made!

Ana VO

Yes!! He is the legend.

(She keeps her smile on her face and asks adrenala about her plan)

With a wink adrenala replies her.

VO- voice over

I hope you liked it.

Let’s meet up on instagram.

What’s my instagram handle?

It’s here ⬇


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