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Adrenala’s Misty Tales #1 |turning20web

Adrenala on the Misty monsoonish afternoon with her wavy hair, tensed look and that tea cup in hand was figuring out what she would get into. She first feels the tremble of choosing to stick to the sum of amount or shall she take any courses to enrich her learning needs. Figuring out! And laying all the possibilities. Adrenala decides to take up the course and feel abundant. Because, she feels that she could open doors for great outcomes and make more money.


Oh lord!! What shall I choose? Let’s have a talk with ma’am.

(She calls but her ma’am cell is switched off. She keeps on tapping her phone on her palm bringing her lower lip bulged outward and coming to the point where she decides that she is going to rely on her own decision)


Hey gorgeous!! Why are your lippy bulging out? What happen!?


I was feeling dicey about my money and the course and now I know they will flow towards me. I will get it! More of it!


Good for you!


Good for all!!

Adrenala VO

Sometimes you have to decide for your own self what you shall do. Take time but grow eventually. Increase your credibility and get more opportunities in jobs and education and other zones too. You will open many doors for your own self!

Thanks for reading!

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