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Read this to know Why twenties matter

Hello twenty-somethings!

You have stumbled across the perfect blog right now in the world where you can get all the talk about the twenties and everything.

We have been hearing that thirties are the new twenties. But according to me, that sounds bullshit. Even though that sounds well doesn’t mean it’s that way. The thirties comes with its own beauty and boldness.

The twenties has its own revelations.

The twenties are all about shaping up your life. You have to take steps for your own success during this period. And let me tell you even it’s about going against your parents. Yes! It’s time to shape.

It’s difficult to go against and they may turn up against you saying that you shall leave the house if you want to leave your way. Do that! When the timing is perfect and when you will feel. It’s said that there are supportive parents out there but not all are that way. You have to get out of the societal norms.

Do you care what your parents think?

Your inner circle plays a very important role. And if the first five people count among your family. Actually, that’s not bad! But remember you can’t trust all, all the time!

People might make you crazy asking what you want to do with your life. Don’t care what they think! Do what you like to. Those gadgets help you get you wise so stop getting into those stupid sorts of games.

Do you play PUBG?


Just don’t play that…

If you have skills that you can earn. It can be cooking, closet setting, etc.

Have you got any skillsets in you?

During your twenties stop copying people. Be your own self!

If you have friends just don’t make them feel bad. And be kind even if they act stupid. And let go!

Even though your friends fall under the bad category and if they are there with you always in need. Be a good friend to them.

During your twenties, if you have to choose between career and love. Choose a career and let love come later! That’s simple!! But we all end up falling in love and really we should because you know love is love!

Cooking and tidying up your space is something you shall really know well.

Even you are sober and don’t get into those drinking parties. You are different! And you are a gem!! It’s better to sparkle and deal with your shit in the non-alcoholic way. Stay sober!

You are iconic in all senses! As in the book “Pussy”, it teaches us all to be open-minded about stuff which are considered taboo. Create good society!

Be good at academics!

Y’all know I was the topper and I always wanted to be on top. It helps us to grow. Score good grades and life will be good for you!

Have good hobbies!

Hobbies will help you in the long run. Which hobby you have?

Find yourself and nurture all the moments!

If you ever feel like having one night stands. Do it!! But, be prepared!

Whatever your shape! You are good….try to be best by trying to transform!

Twenties are amazing! Stay tuned as I will be covering more of the same topic.

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    1. Yes! I don’t play PUBG 😄
      Because I Have lot of other more funny and productive things to do.. Sweetie!

      What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t playing PUBG?

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