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Game of Thrones

It all began in 2011 and it was the summer in my nation. I was below 15 years old at that time. When the teasers used to get on HBO, it was fascinating.

But, at that time there was no personal laptop to watch GoT on laptop or a phone. Only television!

We used to have the dinner time in front of television and for us Indians it was kind off uncomfortable to watch so much intimacy… Which also includes brothers and sisters…


It was uncomfortable to watch with parents around but it’s the best show ever which we now watch on phone or laptop. Whatever is convenient!

Game of thrones have shaped our teenage years and that music stays with us. Doesn’t matter even the series is now over. The music stays immortal.

And the whole eight years of this magnum opus have ended.

The watch is over…

I know you also soaked in tears when Jon snow is heading on and the episode gets over with the music.

The moment when the dragon melted the Iron throne.. Was just… Holy shit!!

I loved the scene when Dany Comes to give the speech and while coming the dragon is at her back… It feels like.. Usko pankh agaye!!

When Brianne is writing in that book about Jamie… It’s so much emotional!!

And I was happy seeing Sansa Stark ruling as the Queen of the North.


But, King Bran!! Seriously?

Well…. And this show ends May 19th of 2019.

Whatever… We all loved the show and it was amazing!! My daughters will definitely watch the show.

Which was your favorite scene?

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2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. I loved watching GOT as well, I had to watched it on CDs since my connection sucks and we don’t have HBO. It’s definitely not a show that you can watch and enjoy with your parents, regarding some scenes in it:D plus my family prefers watching dramatic soap opera (real torture). I was disappointed with the last season, see my favorite was Daenerys, and I agree with you I loved that scene when Daenerys is giving the speech and the dragon is at her back forming wings, so powerful


    1. Hello Nadine!!

      That’s amazing!! You found a way to watch the series of the era.
      We just can’t afford to miss such magnum opus.. But, it’s over!!
      But it was great!! Experience…
      Even the months have passed by.. I love to listen at the background music of the last season ending..scene.. And of course.. The whole music of GOT is so so good..
      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Dramatic soap opera are real torture.. βœ” I agree!!
      We watch great things.. πŸ˜„

      I too loved that scene!! It’s stuck in my mind…

      Game of Thrones was internationally established. We all connect…!!

      Where are you from?


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