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That internship experience!


Internshala have helped lots of students. Certainly!!

It have played a very important role in my twenties. While we are in our college we exactly aren’t aware about the corporate culture and what shall be our work ethics like. And acquiring this skills is possible when we are exposed to certain things.

Internshala have created the best platform!

It’s the good platform for the women who wants to start their career again.

I’m a digital nomad. And internshala have helped me to start out on my own journey where I achieved small milestones. #bossbabe

I came over this platform at the end of my second year while I was graduating in commerce.

Experience is very important than money you get in the beginning. Especially, for those who don’t have any academic background of that field. But, I feel our twenties are all about trying new things.

I started applying and I applied for wishfie app. I was selected after getting through the interviews.

I was so happy…..!

I received lots of knowledge which a beginner needs.

I got to be in the virtual team and now they are my good friends.

I got the LOR. Very important!!

( Internshala team makes sure that the company will give you the offer letter and pay if mentioned so and you get your LOR. When the company you are applying breaches or goes against their policy they make sure they mail us and ask us not to proceed with that internship)

I achieved more confidence as I knew that my opinion really matters.

Thanks internshala!

So, do whatever it takes and start applying on internshala. Now!

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