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Spring equinox & colours | turning20web

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We will be celebrating the festival of colours and it’s the spring equinox. Well I hate it when people keep on doing god’s pooja all the time. But, today Wood is brought and kept in structured manner and then lit up! It create pollution thou’ but people love to do it on this day. Indians are like that!!

But we youth want to feel and dance it out like deepika in “Balam Pichkari” and “Lahu muh lag gayaa”. It’s everybody’s fantasy! But when these songs are played the beautiful verses are cutted out. I don’t know why?

Just one song “Rang barse” plays a lot more fuckin times.

We want that prickly beard to move over our cheeks and colour with those lovely colours. We want that tantalizing feels which we cherish when he puts on those colours on us!! When the perfect guy puts on the colour with zabardasstee. We ladies love it!! We do!!

Do create memories and here are some tips to apply before you get your asses out tomorrow.

1) Apply lots of oil over your body.

2) Tie up your hair in braid.

3) Even you are playing with dry colours. Apply oil!!

4) While having a bath use.. Cold water!! Hot water would make those colors stay on you.

5) Use besan and haldi!!!

6) Even if you are thinking not to get out to play. Ek chutki colour toh lagana banta he!

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3 thoughts on “Spring equinox & colours | turning20web

  1. hehe I am a huge fan of Rang Barse and feel Holi is incomplete without it. Balam Pichkari remains another hot favorite and love lahu mulat gaya too. Quite a collection, I have and all amazing songs! The sholay one, holi ke din!

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