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Knowing before messing it all and views on tiktok!!

Hello family!!

When you are up for the meeting and it is just 5 minutes away and you get to know that you are wearing your white crisp shirt on turned on wrong side.. It feels terrible! Yes!! It happened with me.

And I shall tell you that I got it. Done!

And that’s important. Knowing before messing all up.

The meeting went real well. When something thrilling like this happens before any important events I feel so much sensual. I don’t know!! But I do..

Have you ever?

While writing this Ariana’s song is playing ‘needy’ and I m needy for those gig’s and opportunities to land right in front of me and take off with me.

I don’t play pubg neither I m on tiktok but last week I read so much about the company. Bytedance is the owner. Basically, tiktok is called ‘vibrating sounds’ and there is lots more information available about the company. When we are in this industry or market of tiktok and online presence people who hate doing tiktok aren’t hired because they hate it. So, 12 hours before I made the account on tiktok which is hated a lot and a single video and kept it private as I can’t see myself doing such insane stuff which is not productive and looks yuks! And later after 12 hours I deleted the video and my account. But that’s me! And as you know I have other talents in me and I m willing to improve. But I don’t know, why I hate it!

But all those creatives like me who want to make a mark and like tiktok, make sure you do videos daily and it’s important!! Nowadays being in stupid things like that which acts like a feed is very important. It becomes ready made feed for your instagram or facebook. And if you get good you may make money.

And that “making money” strikes me!! Wow!!

Someday, maybe, I will get on there and create small videos. And may be I could tolerate my own insanity. Lol!!

What my daughter would say when she will get to know that her mom never did tiktok. Would she feel proud of me?

I would proudly say maybe that “if your mom would have done that, your clever dad wouldn’t have chosen me”

Does that make sense!!


• While giving any interview “be yourself”.

• Have your own “me time” before the meeting.

• Prepare a lot.


Few days back read a book by Kristina gallo and it’s an amazing book each one shall read. Get over your ex lover read the review in the link.

Don’t miss out on her blog

February has been amazing to all of us.

And we want more!!

So stay tuned!!

Contact me here


Take care!!!!

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