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Be prepared with wisdom and condoms!!


The day begins with something in head and ends with something in heart.

Twenties are all about feeling compassionate towards others. Thou’ we experience lots of moments which hurts us. We shall love in every way possible no matter what’s happening with us or around us which could be bothering us.

We notice! We all notice!! Sometimes a handsome boy who makes us go crazy and sometimes a parent and child teamed up to recover, brings tears.

Happens with me!! In fact with all of us.

When I went at a park and I was just feeling amazed by all the natural beauty something caught my eye.

“I was walking through the walking track and I was watching the skies and trees and all of the kids running around. Celebrating the moments!! And a man along with a child was filled up with Josh!! (zeal) to make that kid’s leg and hand proper.

When I went around and smiled at him. Prior I was thinking and assuming that, that man could be his physiotherapist but when I spoke with him, I got to know that, that kid is his son who had some attacks and hence his one hand and one feet got twisted and aren’t functioning properly”

Well, my heart was full of empathy. I told him that he is a strong kid and he will get through it. In a brave way!!

His dad was making him run. And that kid wasn’t disappointing him at all. He was full of energy and positiveness.

The love filled with hope and the work his dad was putting in was incredible and inspiring in many ways.

Somewhere in my heart I know that the father will see his son walk in proper manner and he will have strong and brave personality. He will!!

The chirping of birds and the sound and serene atmosphere of the evening brought freshness but watching that dad and kid working on improving and being happy was something which made me cry after coming home back. Which actually leaved me with full of motivation and emotions.

We all see people around us and someone inspires us.

It’s not important that a particular speaker or flower refreshes you or fills you up with motivation. But if we keep our eyes open we can get inspiration from those around and they can make us cry for not working hard even though things might look difficult. There is always hope!!

If we keep our eyes open everything brings towards us new lessons. But while working from home or in the office we have to overlook few things and just watch out laptops.

We might miss something!! Watching flocks of birds and that unknown person. But it’s all for work. We put in our full focus to meet the deadlines.

We have to sacrifice something but when we want some lessons in out lives to move us and help us out. They will occur!!

But, learn from them whenever they’ll occur.


As you guys know we human beings are so much fascinated about sex and the protection, blah blah blah. Especially men start to feel dizzy and they faint when they know that a woman buys condoms from the store. That’s ridiculous!! No!!

We women buy condoms!!

As we are independent human being we totally understand that we are safe in the sexual activity, which will be occurring. Being a women and going to the shop to get that condom is a thrilling experience and I feel each one of you shall have. Doesn’t matter when you are having sex.

Just go at the store and get that flavoured pleasure giving cap!! As you have that tampon, safety pin and stuffs keep that condom always with you. Because you never know which love you will come across and may be with god’s grace he could be your soul mate and you could fall in love with each other.


Even though people use the condom there are chances of being pregnant and that fear whether that sperm have turned your egg into a zygote makes us feel so afraid..Watch video

Of course!! But ladies it’s totally your take use condoms, use pills or shots. But if you aren’t ready and don’t want to abort a life forming in your womb… Just avoid getting in those moments of intimacy!! Doesn’t matter which era we are in.

We shall create life and he shall take responsibility of being / becoming a father even though it’s by mistake. No excuses!!

Find someone who will act in the responsible way!!

And you become financially independent to at least take care of yourself even though you decide to keep that little life growing in your womb.

Be a badass!!


Twenties are all about filling in your pockets with wisdom and condoms. Because, it will help you and avoid so many things coming your way for which you aren’t ready for.


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12 thoughts on “Be prepared with wisdom and condoms!!

  1. The age of wisdom beautifully expressed. One shouldn’t be shocked to see a woman buy condoms and for me, it’s about choice and empowerment. Sexuality shouldn’t be repressed and is a choice. Who doesn’t like good sex. The above on the struggle of the father to make the son walk is so touching and hope the win against all odds. May self-belief not wane.
    Much love.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. She shall procreate and he shall be writing responsibility, isn’t that a two street?

    Just thinking out aloud “Isn’t consent two ways, even if it means creating a baby together, whether accidentally or without one’s consent?”

    If one procreates without the other’s consent, how do we expect the other to bear the responsibility for an act he never intended to?

    P.S.: It’s brave of you to touch on this topic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey!!
      Consent is always two ways for sure. We all need two hands to clap!! But, sometimes a lady falls prey to the man’s ‘temporary lust’ which is not love.
      As psychology also clarifies that women minds want love first and security… While men are contrast!! But in this era where hook ups and casual sex is happening… There are ladies who are not made for that and never want to become so cool in this hook up world.
      But, a women wants security!!
      You know!! We humans are all about emotions.
      We shall respect it and thou’ the phase appears to be fun and happy it has its potential bad consequences and both of them shall be prepared and know well..

      Everyone’s perspective is different!!
      But I m glad you came up with this questions..
      And I know that good guys exist…

      Thank you so much!!

      I m glad you liked!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, it wasn’t my intention to question your opinion. It was more of an existential crisis.

        When we tend to grow and look for gender empowerment, things ought to be treated equally. I agree, a wrong is a wrong, but it doesn’t calls for the *two hands to clap* theory because it is flawed.

        Humans (irrespective of being male or female) seek security. It’s in nature.

        Keep writing. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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