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LET’S BEGIN! | turning20web

It’s been two weeks since the brand new year have began.
I know you are blessing me for not throwing any write ups on your screen about new year and what great things you must look forward  to and blah blah blah!!

We have already discussed how to end the year with a bang.


And now we are gonna make sure we have a great ‘Banging’ year. Yes!!

Let’s start with a bang!!

Well, as we all are the part of turning20 community and I know you love it
We will be discussing and learning about taboo topics here .. We will be understanding various cultures and I promise we aren’t going to say bad or oppose anything. We are allowed to express and make people feel comfortable. Alright!!
There will be opinion and discussion on careers, news, and everything in between. Also!! Travel.. At least we all will get information and stay prepared for that chance to get at that place.

We are gonna prepare ourselves!!

I m not going to yell at you and tell you to wake up early, wash your clothes everyday and blah blah blah. It’s totally your choice!!

If you are productive at work and very good at it… Waking up early or late doesn’t count that much!!
Just be happy and feel that joy!!!
Feel lucky for not getting that pills just because you can’t sleep at night!!
Sleep tight!!!!!

We are going to be fuckin’ awesome and give fucks about almost everything which will bring happiness.

Let’s start…

Have you ever got a booty pimple ?

Read the blog
Sneak into this

Need any help with content?
press me

Let’s do some chit-chat over Instagram

Let’s talk and listen at song together
Join me here

Check it out..

Let me know your thoughts!!

Thank you so much ✨✨


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