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End with a bang| turning20web


End with a bang,
End with a bang,
He kicks away the sad pang..
He welcomes me with a bang..
End with a bang!!
The year began with a spank,
The new year will start with a bang,
Making love never stops,
Until there are those ecstatic tears..
Happens with a bang..
Bang bang..
The breezy weather,
Making me run between his arms helter skelter..
Makes me end the year with a bang bang..
So many improved moves..
My master began loving my grooves…
On the deck.. On the cruise..
We decided to end with a bang..
Let’s end the year with a bang..
Cold showers….
Vertical flowers..
He kept all of it warm..
The ketchup on the kitchen top..
The chocolate on my sweet spot..
He tasted and ate everything and ended up with a tasty bang..
Let’s end this year with a bang..
Bang bang..!!
Claim her..
Claim her to be only yours..
Propose her when she least expects it..
Make her believe that you are only hers..
Get a right.. Which is always right..
And then..
End the year..
With a bang..!!
End with a bang..
Carry her in your arms when the firecrackers beautifies the sky in the night of New Year eve..
Be with her now and in the new year.. End and then start the new year with a bang..
Bang bang!!

Until then..
Let the year end with a bang!!

Let your partner be with you during the end and the very beginning of the pleasure bringing year ahead.

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