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Read this if you are a skinny badass or chubby badass.

To all the sizes out there I want to tell you that we all are work-in-progress. What I mean exactly is we are all growing and developing.
Let’s talk about skinny girls like me.
Girls!! Listen
don’t let anybody’s comment fix you up or break you apart.
That’s so important that people will be telling you that you don’t look of that age group and you look so much younger just because we haven’t put on the weight.
We are work in progress.
We do work hard.
Own your body!!

Because, to get that perfect body weight you need to feel good about who you are and what you have right now. Then you can look towards the best.
Love your body the way it is now and improve it for the best.

Your body maybe the one who will response to the environment somewhere else.
Let me tell you, even your eating habits stay same. Your body can improve even though you change the city for job or education.
So, your body wants freedom. Not only food and exercise (not cardio at all) but also freedom, Independence and being totally happy. So, if you have tense surroundings right now and you have to change something, you have to change the place!!
Really!! It is one of the factor..

There are people telling us. Especially!! Those boys out there. You know what they say?
I will tell you…
They say… You get married and then you will be putting on weight…

Men!! As I have mentioned above. They too are the factors.

Even though it’s one of them.. All girls don’t want that at the moment. They would love to try something else. They want to focus on other factors..

Basically, it’s all about making and feeling happy too.

Also, as men suggest …it’s not that you have sex with all the wrong men out there. There shall be love.
No random men..!!!
I m Just saying…
After all it’s your choice!!

Then it comes to our genes. The genes we got from our parents. Do you have… Certain body those who are alike paternaly or maternaly..
Maybe at your mother’s side all are chubby and at your father’s side all are slender and Slim.
Then you may have those genes. Where you look chubby. And you may try whatever… You look chubby!! Or you may look slim..

Do you agree?


I promise you that if you decide and do it. You will get it!!
But you too have to love what you have now.


So, fulfill your wishes.

(Here, I m not talking anything to body shaming and stuffs like that. Neither I m against nor I m talking for it. Here, we are talking and loving what we are now and knowing that we human beings have tendency to change and transform)

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5 thoughts on “Read this if you are a skinny badass or chubby badass.

  1. Awesome post hun. I too have been thinner ( I’m an hour glass now) and people look down on you and treat you so different. Would they treat someone who was a bit bigger like that…course not. Keep being you 😘

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