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From hating your life to loving every minute.



Change is like our own self. We all change, we all. We can’t really stick with that only version of our selves all of our life.
And whatever happens is all for good.
That moment where you have felt the baddest of all time. You get through that as well.

Ever stays the same!
Always good comes our way. We shall just stay strong.

We keep something away for a reason.
When -less starting suffixing the words. Like job-less, care-less, joy-less, love-less.
That’s when we start hating our lives.



We loose hope and we loose the
courage to see the bright side.
  Even if you want someone to stay close to you, they go away. And then you start to hate. Hate everything!! At that moment we don’t see anything.
But you can’t hold on to everything.
We shall not be the one who gets the Blade in hands and cut the veins. We shall not!!
To all those reading this. Please!! Don’t do it.

Know exactly what you have been through. And then accept it and choose to be happy!!

You shall be that.

And then you realize that you have began loving every minute of your life.
You have won.
And that’s so awesome!!

You start loving!!

Do let me know your thoughts!!

2 thoughts on “From hating your life to loving every minute.

  1. You are right! It’s incredible how powerful our minds are – wake up every morning deciding to be happy, and you will be. Although it may sound unlikely, the same works in terms of health. I went on a trek to Everest Base Camp, and at times I was physically unwell, but through the right attitude and determination, I was able to summit Kala Patthar with an injured ankle! The power of the mind is truly amazing.

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