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Twenties: They say we don’t need it.



I hate people when they say “There is nothing interesting or why do we need so much amount of money in bank” “What are we going to do with so much money?”

They sometimes say “why to have so much sex?”
“Why to get so much spiritual?”
Those who are not…spiritual.. have problem with it.
Why do people simply complain. Huh?

I hate people saying that.

After having lots of sex of your life and then preaching by saying that there is nothing good in doing sex.. Or its not good..
Why?? Having lots of orgasm and celebrating the body is never a bad idea.

They have so much money.. They worked their ass off.. For that amount..
And now they don’t know what to do with it?
Man!! Go out and enjoy and have fun..
Get that branded athleisure wear.
Do it!!

Those who have chosen the spiritual way. They shall do it.
They shall not then dwell in worldly desires.. At all..
But!! What I hear in my country is those people doing rape on their followers.. AS A TEACHER!!
Maybe you will find such example all around the world.

Nothing which exist in this world is bad.
It exists because of some reason.
Don’t ask what to do with so much money?
You worked your ass off and now you shall
Use it!!
So!! Stop complaining.. and be happy and be productive with whatever you have.

When any of those People say you don’t need it when you want and need it the most. Do what you want and never listen to these people.

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