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Diwali dose


It’s Diwali coming up and everywhere there are lights and happiness. So, here are some articles I wrote last year which also includes why we celebrate this festival and stuffs you shall know.
So, do check them out.
I have podcast for you

Dil ki Diwali – Things to keep in mind
Dil ki Diwali – Finance

The blog post for diwali
Dil ki diwali
Dil ki Diwali #2
Dil ki Diwali #3


I found a post which was based on ‘government banning firecracker after 10PM’


So!! It’s made by the creative minds of Durex and wishing you all to have a best firecracker experience inside our houses. Safe and sound is our priority!!
It is so great to play with the real fire crackers and enjoy too much. Because it’s never very much. Isn’t it?

Burning firecrackers are like burning money but
Using condoms is never wasting money. It’s always a good choice.
If you have him and he is very good and loving make sure you spend half amount in charity work for sure and the rest in buying the various condoms to have a great Diwali at night.

Let me know your thoughts.

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