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#theblindlist Argentina


This is me right here!! Worshipping for the best outcome and to discover more through books and travelling. There are lots of places which haven’t got touched by my eyes. Just the instagram makes me think of going to that place and the songs which bring that place in the screen is what all I know about that destination. But my heart has a wish which is to groove and twerk at that destination whenever I will go there.
This is me, right here!! Where I will be going next? What all I will be introduced to?
All the tourist places are been dated by me virtually and I have stalked lot of them. But these time it’s gonna be real and adventurous which will be thrilling!!

Here I go!
Right now at the moment I don’t have internet access. I don’t have Google Maps. All I have are my feets taking me somewhere.
This is me, somewhere!!
This is me where I don’t know anything about!!
Maybe I knew when I have seen the picture on instagram and I have forgotten about it as well…
Here I am..
The place looks beautiful and serene. There are lots of handsome men catching the eye. They look stare-worthy and the beautiful architecture of the buildings around is making everything look so perfect.
I m in the “Liberia el ateneo grand splendia” in Argentina.
My love for reading books have made the destiny bring me here. I love it!! It was a love which was called in and I m here.. Where else shall I be? This is my place. It makes me feel good and nurtured.

My favorite place to be.


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