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Twenties : Unexpected Pregnancy

Turning20web is the blog is all about twenties things and situations and everything in between.
I m glad you are here which means a lot to me.
Thank you!


Today I will be bringing up the topic of pregnancy in twenties which are unexpected and no-support system.
When he skips that part of being responsible and being with you. He is not good guy if he leaves you.
But when you are in situation like that it’s hard and bad to take that all in.
Sometimes such things happen even you use protection.
You are always at risk, being a female..!!


Ladies, be adventurous but be so responsible about your own world and don’t allow anyone to screw it.
Be financially independent to face uncertainties like this, specially!!
Yes!! You shall..

As a women, it’s totally your responsibility to take care of your own. That’s the truth…
And you need to deal that.

I have wrote an article before too that have real love which won’t let you(men) run away even she gets pregnant…
Deal with it!!

Responsible guys are more hot!!

Be with someone who’ll make good fathers.
You will get that feeling being a lady.. Which man can make you feel secure and safe.. Not just desirable!!

Twenties are all about brushing up your values…

Be safe!!

Look, I m not preaching that don’t have sex. Do have it!! But with a good man!!
Get it!!

Here are some links you shall read.
How To handle!!
pregnant trapped their girlfriend

I hope you will enjoy yourself and let in all good people in your life.

When it’s with good guy it’s gonna be great..Babies are blessing!!

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Take care

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