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Review #1

I got a review copy from my favorite indie author Kristina Gallo

“The guy from another league”

As described on goodreads
“This is a book about a girl who made a wrong choice. It will bring her humiliation and disgrace. Her relationship will bring out the worse

from her. She will gamble with her reputation, lose her friends and dignity. All for the guy who just wanted the one-night stand”

Here is a link to the goodread page where you can get the link to various store where it’s available.

My review :

Renata is a girl with reputation and studies psychology.
The story is good and I loved it because it appears to me that every young girl like me is a girl who craves for love and attachment but sometimes falls for boys those who want just sex and nothing else.
The boys like that crave simply for the girls who resist and give them all afterwards. The guys who won’t make a call and doesn’t care what to do if you got pregnant and gives you the option.. Just to abort the child and handle all the things on your own.
We all know it. But still there is a spark we all find. Even when we know it’s not good.
Sometimes our reputation is at stake and still we make love.

But when a girl decides to gain back her dignity and is firm about her sexual experience which are good she becomes more mature and feels alive again.
Davor is the guy who is hungry for sex and bad at wanting relationship.

The book leaves you with the choice that you could choose to judge Renata or at the end she can be your hero.

My favorite chapter from the book is chapter no:6.
To know what makes that chapter so read worthy you shall grab the copy right now.
The book is also available on Amazon.
Do read!!

We all strive to be better and conquer our lives goal.
Watch the video related to the subject and feel inspired.
I hope the message is inspiring.

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