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Section 497


My nation have welcomed another decision which says adultery is no more a crime. Having an extra marital affair isn’t a crime. If the partner attempts a suicide and the reason is the partner adultery then it is considered as a crime. Otherwise Chalne do!!
Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional section 497 of IPC
The law punished the married man for the offence of adultery if he had sexual relationship with a married women.
“without the consent or connivance of her husband”


It was a law which was 158 years old.
The bench of Supreme Court which were having great minds like Justice D. Misra, Justice R F Nariman, Justice A M khanwilkar, Justice D Y Chandrachun, Justice Indu Malhotra.
They stated that “When parties to a marriage lose their moral commitment to the relationship it create dent in the marriage and it will depend upon the parties how to deal with the situation, some may exonerate and live together and some may seek divorce, a punishment is unlikely to establish commitment”
They added that the law worked as a deterrent against spouses going astray.

It’s true that
Man is not a master of his wife.

My opinion is

“Make your love so strong that no adultery will be allowed or assumed ever”

Adultery is bad.

When we are married we are adults and no more those teenagers whose hormones are going crazy and are immature.
Adults know which partner suits them the best. What will be good and with whom they can spend their whole life.
Truth is, there are compromises and sacrifices in the relationship but the institution of marriage is vital for a good and healthy society.

Marriage is beautiful.

Look out around you,
You will find that person with whom you will love to live.

Your heart knows.

But we shall be aware of the fact that even when there wasn’t any freedom given by the court people used to have relationship outside of the marriage. So, nothing is changing in that sense.

Look, did people were ever afraid to fall or sleep with another person before. It used to happen then/before as well.
So, nothing new.
It’s like these things which are already going on and we have already learned to consume..
The law is coming and telling us that it’s okay.
Haha!! We were already okay with that.

We already accepted it. And we are living it. Now!



And the people who are in love also exist.



So!! For those who are shocked by these…

It’s time to change the songs you listen to.
It’s time to change the way you allow someone to rule over your mind.
It’s time to accept new India.
It’s time to let go of the laws which provoked people in some way and stopped a  few.
Where a man having lots of affairs were called to be a stud while women was given bad names.
It’s good for women..
No more need of over bearing your husband’s who scare you telling you that he will get 65 women like you…
No more of being total submissive and a pativrata if he isn’t respecting you and loving you.
Ladies!! You have right to seek pleasure .
Make sure..
To love him the way no other women ever could..
Those hungry for a good relationship..
It’s time to build..
Keeping Trust and transparency.

It’s time to make your love strong.
Which another person can’t think of breaking…

It’s the time to kick his ass,
Which touches other women too..

It’s time to be free and welcome love.

Welcome marriage…
It’s a good institution.

Things were happening before as well.
But I believe in marriage and when it feels something’s wrong discuss and find solution and let them live the way they want to.
Let go of that if that matters alot.
But a good man is who, who never leaves her.
A good women is who, who loves her marriage.. She have chosen him…

Your heart just knows!!




I hope you like reading it.
Let me know your thoughts.

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16 thoughts on “Section 497

  1. Well, I think love, relationship, and physical intimacy are relative. They greatly vary with age, maturity and time. I wouldn’t want the Government to tell me who and whom I should love. Especially when the Government seems amazingly incompetent to handle hate either.

    Plus, I also strongly feel that such laws need to be two-faceted. I have personally seen many wives/ girlfriends/ live-in partners, involving in adultery. Double timing boys and cheating on Husbands. I have seen friends and colleagues trying every bit to make a relationship work, while the female counterparts are just not willing to comprise a tad bit. Having a law expecting husbands to the epitome of commitment is sheer partiality.

    So either there shouldn’t be a law. If you need to impose legalities, make it two faceted. Great topic of debate though. Loved your take on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post. Sorry to hear about that unjust law put forward. I think taking time to seek God’s help in picking the right partner goes a long way towards unnecessary headaches. Marriage is a blessing, but you need to nurture it, be patient and willing to compromise to enjoy its fruits long-term.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for your blog. I am glad to hear that laws are changing for the better in India to give great rights to women. I believe marriages should be mutual. It drives me crazy when people refer to my wife as my better half. We are two whole people coming together to support, love and encourage each other to be our best. If you get married I hope you will find a man who will respect you as his equal. Your Canadian friend Roland

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Canadian friend,
      You have made a good point.
      I m glad you liked!!
      Thank you so much…

      Yes!! I m gonna marry the man who respects me. And I would love to invite you as well for my wedding whenever I will get married.

      Your Indian friend,


      1. Hi April, I am glad you are not going to settle for 2nd best. I hope you are having a great week. I appreciate hearing your points of view. You seem like a curious person always open to learning more. I would love to come to your wedding. I hope you are in no hurry to get married. Do you get pressure from your parents? Would your parents have to approve your choice? I hope you make time for fun. Roland

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  4. I totally believe the husband is not the master to his wife. But they both have some rights over each other. The marriage is a legal contract between the two and is something crystal transparent.
    In a relationship many things bonds together including love, emotions & trustworthiness. It’s really bad to witness the article section 497 has been struck down by Supreme Court. Many legal alternatives are present but the life of a women has been played just as a joke these days. Society should understand that ‘She is not a piece of a flesh for sale, She is someone who needs to be honored & respected’.
    I really think everything in a relationship can be resolved if there is a place for good discussion.
    Thank you.

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