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Daughter’s Day!! | turning20web

Being a daughter
She is Adorable
She is risky to have
Just because she has a vagina
She is your reputation
Being your competition
Being a daughter
She is taking in, what not!!
It knots up her thoughts
Let her be free….
Let her think the way she wants to..
Being a good daughter
She could see the things a son couldn’t.
Listening at every sound
which whispers all around
Gossiping about her character
She needs to keep in mind that she is a women..
Being a good daughter…
When she agrees to whatever the elders say..
She is being a good daughter, people say!!
She swipes the clothes
Puts on an outfit which is unfashionable
to make sure her supple skin doesn’t show up..
She is being a good daughter, people say!!
She gets home on time before the sun vanishes
She is being a good daughter, people say!!




How lovely it feels to be a daughter.
I m happy for each and every women out there who are really great daughters.

The initial reason for creating National or International Daughters Day was to erase the stigma in some countries attached to having a girl instead of a boy child.

I m thankful to each one who have welcomed us
Your daughters..

Thank you for caring.
I want to tell you all
Especially, those who are more happy to have a boy.. that girls are your treasure and she’s loving and caring.

So!! Stop aborting her
She deserves to live.

Here are some songs to keep the father – daughter and mother – daughter bond strong.

Paul Simon – ‘Father and Daughter’
The shires : Daddy’s little girl.
Raazi: dilbaro
Dangal : Naina




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9 thoughts on “Daughter’s Day!! | turning20web

  1. Kids during their formative stages are all so cute. Before our education and social system suck them in and convert these angels into human machines. Working, earning, paying bills, robbing, cheating, lying and backstabbing. And we call ourselves a civilized society.

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