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Read this if your exams are on it’s way


Semester are coming your way and you have to study very hard but you don’t have time for studying whole day because you have that part time job and a sport event.
So!! How can you be an achiever like me and gain from everything.
When I used to have lots of things to do in college I knew one thing that I am gonna best at everything I m in.
No matter when is the exam I managed to study hard and choose a sport event or any event which won’t come during the exam period. Yes!! Study is important!!
So, though I m a basketball player the tournament were going to fall in the semester season and I didn’tΒ  wanted to skip the exam and JUST play. So!! I chose another sport… I did my best in that and proved myself.

So!! Make sure you choose your fun wisely. If your eyes are on something then achieve and turn to new things. I must say college life is all about turning to new things. Because, it’s the time we can explore as much as we could. So, do it!!

Make a routine
If you are running out of time and the exam is on it’s way. Let go of everything and study.

Grab all the good study material
Don’t let the books confuse your mind. So, refer to notes which will give you all information in precise manner.

No music, no sex...
Seriously!! When exam is arriving not getting into anything I have mentioned above. Trust me!!
I didn’t heard to any song during the study nor after that. I listened to music after the exams. I m smart!! I know..

Eat well
I shall tell you this? No way…
Keep in mind to eat well..

So!! I hope it’s helpful and you will do great.

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Thank you so much!!
Take care!!

5 thoughts on “Read this if your exams are on it’s way

  1. I have had my semester experience many years back, but i do agree to what you said. Food, in particular, is very important. I have seen students skipping meals and eating less. That doesn’t help. Disrupting natural body functions only adds to the mounting pressure.

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