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Failure is better teacher than success | turning20web



When someone have guts to start something or to do something then only one can probably fail. Success is the fruit of lot more stories in between the whole journey towards goal. Every successful person on this earth have known failures. Life have showed him what exactly hitting the rock bottom meant and felt like. The one who have known failure and then have tasted success is the humble person.

It’s the fact that if the person gets the success without failing or struggling then that person may hit rock bottom with that similar velocity he got his success like. To keep that success phase in the consistent mode is an art and one of the gem in the crown of every successful person. Everyone feels low or hits the downfall but one shall have a quick comeback. One shall never feel okay being in that mediocre range. One shall see to it that he or she beats up the fear and wins. When one pushes away the comfort zone and experiences the real life that’s when the person’s journey towards success starts. Each small step on the way is going to get add into the ratio of success.

The competition we experience and all success stories we are shown by the media are the result of the people working really hard. Blood, sweat and tears all goes into making a success story.

As we know Rome wasn’t build in a single day. It took time. In the same way the one who wants to build the body needs to work hard and there shall be consistency.

We may fail at something more than once but we will get success at the end. In my personal experience, I struggle with Maths and after toiling day and night I have got good knowledge how to solve problem in a logical way. When we aren’t achieving anything we shall not ever consider that as a failure but a detour to success.

All the youth shall remember that in the era where we see all good stuffs on our social media accounts we fall in comparing phase which we shall avoid. If one fails in the tenth of twelfth standard boards doesn’t mean that they have to jump from the terrace. One has to work on psychology and be a strong person. The failure we experience shall not be a deciding criteria what we will be in future. Everyone is that Ford car. Each one is unique and have an individual character. In the season of thirteen reasons why we got to know how each factor in our life affects us and we shall not ever fail at believing in us. We shall believe in miracles do that the will happen.

So! ! According to me failure teaches us a lot more than success. Never be afraid to fail!!


I hope you won’t ever give up.
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15 thoughts on “Failure is better teacher than success | turning20web

  1. I collected my failures and make a success. But I am still progressing, and again I am using my failures to update on the next level. When you want to do something great, be ready on the mockery and laughs. In the end, you will laugh the last. Thanks for supporting me, dear friend.

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    1. You said it right we shall never respond to those laughs…

      We shall keep on working and doing our best..

      It’s my pleasure… My friend!!
      Thank you so much!!!

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Amen, my friend! I love your blog. Yes, failure is a great teacher. If we don’t dare to fail we will never grow. Sorry I have not messaged you in a while. It has been a busy and enjoyable summer. I hope all is well with you. What are your plans for this time of year? Bless you, my friend. Roland Legge

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    1. Thank you!!

      That’s totally fine.. We all are busy but your message once in a while lits up my blogosphere experience.
      Thank you for that!!


      I m working on my writing work and things like that..

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