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Weather for study | turning20web



Today we will be discussing more of the external climatic condition which directly and indirectly matters our study routine.


Is it?  The weather can be so changing sort off this days that we just feel irritated sometimes.

During those cloudy days we just feel like sleeping and not at all studying.

During those summer days we just feel like not going anywhere out to save ourselves from the heat. We prefer being inside where there is a good cooling system.. Like air conditioning..

But those who wanna study, they just study whatever the weather outside is.
But you can’t say no.. IT AFFECTS!!

So here I m gonna share with you

How you can be productive in all seasons :

Eat according to the season: If it’s summer prefer eating fruits more. Keep your diet the way it will help you keep cool and have cool and calm mind.

Set a routine: Being a good planner you shall know what you are gonna make of the day. So set a good routi






Sleep sleep : Take a power nap if you want and make sure you get sleep at night. Don’t stay awake more. Plan well!!

Have fun : So, if it’s raining out there and if you have him around you make sure you make that day awesome. Have fun with your man. And of course set a time for study as I have said before that, be a good PLANNER.
That’s the best advice, isn’t it?

Be ahead of your class: Make sure you revise notes and chapters before its began in the class. It will help you a lot.

Tea or coffee: Have tea if you want and coffee If you love it. Don’t have huge intake. You HAVE to study.


I hope you will have a good study routine now.
If you have any queries ask me.

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It’s all about twenties and totally it’s our responsibility to make most of all the beautiful season.

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