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Section 377

Is god failing at fixing our souls in human bodies?
Which some of the people are feeling that they aren’t they and they wants to be someone else…
They are he but not she..
And she feels she’s not she anymore…
Because law have allowed to go with their will..
Where there is not a penis and vagina..
But the intercourse will be two men performing and reaching the ecstasy…
And female enjoying their stuffs together..

For lesbian there won’t be a penis to pleasure’em and if it won’t get hard.. That won’t matter..
Because she has she now..
The breast size and her cheeks won’t attract gay now because he is happy in his embrace..

Stuffs sound unnatural.. But their wants are most important..

Whatever they do.. They won’t make each other pregnant..
There won’t be any ‘Kul’ no ..reproduction…

No!! DNA in the upcoming generation..
No blood relation..

There are thousands and thousands of handsome men there.. Why to fall in love with women..
And there are so many great women out there…why to fall in love with men..

Work out on it..!!
Don’t go against nature..!!
It’s not a crime.. But it’s against nature..

(Disclaimer : This is just my opinion. That’s it. Not written and spoke with an intention to hurt. There is freedom of speech and the freedom to express my thoughts as well.)

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12 thoughts on “Section 377

  1. I understand your message. But you see the point is, you can’t control these feelings. No one can purposely be a gay. It’s a natural thing. Infact I find the hype very lame. Guess that’s typical of we Indians; to make everything a taboo and then crib about it.

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    1. yes…
      I have said in the article that its totally my thought…
      I respect their feelings…
      Thanks for understanding….


  2. In nature people as well as animals are attracted to the same sex. There is nothing wrong with it. I have good friends who are gay, lesbian, bi and trans. The most important thing for me is that people love each other. The world has more than enough people so we don’t need more children in the world. But also I have gay and lesbian friends who are some of the best parents I know.

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  3. Hopefully the answer to this can be now found… either by channelising the karma concept , natural science and the reading about ancestral family tree . Or by scientific method I.e contacting . It’s easy to contact for a quick genome test rather than going and talking to our ancestors , and families and extended families Coz the family is never going to open up about their suppressed emotions to make them confessions . As the truth. Would come up and truth is bitter . The Adam and Eve were either brother or sister or father mother vice versa , biologically we all are connected . That’s where empathy is born and also that is why we should meditate to detox what complex things has entered us spiritually … for all over detoxes we already have nutritional supplements . STRONG WILLED CAN HELP US RESIDE ON VIRGIN ISLANDS FOR DECADES AND DECADES BUT EVERY ONE IS BUSY LOOKING INTO MOBILE AND INTERNET AND FOLLOWING TO EVERY NEXT TRIP TO MARS , AMSTERDAM OR PHUKET FOR THE RED LIGHT & HAPPY HOURS. Nice feed though …

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