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Cross her heart | turning20web

Cross her heart
The way you cross her mind..
Hold her tight
Yes!! You are doing it right.
She is gonna be still..
She is gonna allow you to cross her…
Cross her mind..
Do things for her and surprise her..
Though you aren’t there..
Your thoughts..
Cross her mind..

There are so many things which rule our mind and you do things which rules someone else mind.
Yes, you do!

Mind is such a powerful thing that it makes you believe that someone who’s gone is there and are gonna be there. Anyways!
Brain can make you forget things which you shouldn’t.
Brain can be so awesome in some many ways.
It’s where all the poems you learned in kindergarten are stored
“Twinkle twinkle little star…. “

But it can’t remember what we learned in the 10th grade / Std.

Well I m glad to tell you that our brain has power to rewire itself. It’s all said in neuroplasticity.

Work on your mind!! That’s where your feelings come from.


But seriously when we decide not to think about somebody the more we think about them. The more we suppress it the more it strengthens. So, just let it flow. That’s what I would like to tell you.
If you train your mind right you are the person who could do great. Believe!

1) Just allow the feeling to let in and accept that you are feeling something and with an intention that you have allowed, again allow to let it go. Just let it go. Don’t stress out but just let it go.
2) It’s okay to be that way: Yes!! It’s not always possible to be emotional and be the victim. So, be strong and handle it. There are lots of helping thoughts.. It’s totally under your control to handle your life and things in your life.




Clara is just out of the bath and she have tied her hair all up. While she was in the bath she just couldn’t forget the bath she used to have with her husband. She could feel that touch of him cupping her breast and her hands on him till now.
The truth is he is gone.

He rules her heart and mind and she feels him.
That’s love.

But in another scenario..
If he was gone to his another women or say another wife. Would that be that easy to FEEL him. No!!
So!! If you want to be happy.. Accept!!
Then it’s the LOVE which is gone to another women. The love which is yours is been touched by someone else. Then it’s useless love.
Then… Move on!!
Don’t forget you all women that ..we are strong and we can kick their asses very hard.

So!! Men… Just love her and only love her. That’s it!!

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” His touch, my heaven”
Take care!!

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