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Hey!! I hope you are doing fantastic whatever you are doing.

I will be coming up with articles with topics related with college too. So do stay in tune..!!
   College is awesome!! True!!

When you haven’t graduated yet and want your sophomore year ( That’s the second year of graduation) to be great you shall keep in mind and keep some habits which will be beneficial for you.
After graduation you may feel that the degree is a shit. Nobody wants you!! It happens..!! Even you work hard during the graduation years you have to face that feeling.
But make success your choice.
Just study well and make sure you don’t fail in any subject during this years..

If possible spend time with books. They will help you and the quotes are the most important which will help you keep going.University teaches us about biology, business and stuffs but they never teach us how to be rich and stress free.
So!! It’s totally our job to work on it.

Find the area where you can just begin earning no matter how much. Just begin!!

Refer to huge books in the Library and try to reap the gist of it and then study. That’s the best way!!

Make sure before exams write the points over a paper and just read those before going for exams..

When you are in your graduation years you HAVE to participate in various events. Make sure you do it!!
Well!! It’s really important.
Be yourself!! Learn stuffs!! Learn about love!!

” Phoebe was a second year student and she was clever. She loved talking a lot. Sometimes she just kept calm and listened. She was cute and sweet. But later she showed and came up with sexy she. It just happened anyhow.
She just says when asked to her what happened exactly and how did she got so sensual and hot look now..she answers with zeal.. That hey buddy this are the years we need to know our different shades and try to embrace it.. Personality as well as career… “

So!! Keep on trying new things. Just do it!!

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Take care!!

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