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His manhood stuck!


Presenting before you another story.


There was a time where there was responsibility. Men were truly amazing lovers and women too. It was a time when women used to spread their legs when the man used to commit. Truly he used to be with her. Because his manhood was stuck in her vagina.
Yes!! It happened. No protection and nothing. You hit her and your penis in it is the proof. So when he got that back?? When she got the baby delivered. His manhood and the creation Came out very well.
The men used to just make love to one women because once they have sex with that one lady their penis turned into a shape and they became hard only when the vagina they first entered in touched it.
There was no question of cheating and hooking up along way. There was no reason for men to gather at the beaches with their gang and make out with whoever they come across with. They didn’t had one night stands neither they had flings in their pockets of experiences.
They just had one and only women. That’s it!!
Women in those times didn’t worry. They knew their man is happy with her and won’t let her go. He took her with him everywhere. He never loosed her at all. That’s it!!
What you want? You want something like this to happen in current era?
Shut up.. It’s just imagination. Read it and leave a comment down below.

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9 thoughts on “His manhood stuck!

  1. Interesting analogy.

    However it might be true in some cases, it isn’t accurately and completely true. Kings had multiple wives and so could the others. That wasn’t the point though. It is just more difficult to find people believing in monogamy these days as did in the past.

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    1. Hey!!
      Thank you!! I m glad you found it interesting.
      Yes..!! It’s right…monogamy is difficult to find…
      But such people who are monogamous also exists…


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