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Back to you!

I hope you are fine..


Somethings break you and once you are healed you get back to him. Don’t you? HAPPENS…with all of US…
I m not only speaking about boyfriend only but also the one who breaks you could be your aunt or may be your parent..

Love is neither a tragedy nor a failure. It’s the gift!
When your mind is going back towards him that’s the attachment. That’s the affection which is driving your thoughts towards him.
Some of you are very good at not going back anymore and some of the people just go back to them… Again and again…
Few are good at holding themselves back from all this and don’t go back.. THERE!! 
The song in the 13 reasons why is such beautiful song. Each song holds precious importance for you. I know that!!
Back to you is the song sung by Selena Gomez…

“You can break my heart in two,
but when it heals
It beats for

[hey… Reader I hope I m speaking your heart… ]

Something happens!! My heart wants to feel beyond something and you have opened the doors for me to realize that love can be felt beyond everything.. I chased for you!!! 
I m also learning and growing and I m sure that we are good at grasping the values every good relationship shall have..
I forgive you..!!
Something happens!!
Maybe I didn’t liked the way you behaved with me.. I m angry because you didn’t texted me this morning.. I m not talking with you maybe because you have forgotten something which holds huge importance for me.. What’s that? May be I m sure.. That you know…


Back to you..!! Won’t lie.. I will get back to you..
Who that YOU will be for you in case you have lots of them..Your heart wants to get back to whom..? And if they aren’t even in your back and far away gone… Why do you care about getting back…
Happens sometimes..!!
{hey reader… I hope I have spoke your heart}


I hope you liked it..
I will be coming up with more songs.. And we will be talking on those awesome songs..

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Take care!!

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