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Friendship Day!! [ 1 min. read]



I hope you are doing well..

We don’t choose our parents but we have full on freedom to choose our friends. Yes!! Friends are our extended family. The one who tells you the truth and never breaks your trust is your true friend and he or she don’t make you feel inferior but you feel more strong because of their support.
Sometimes friends have the hidden intention. They may later turn into enemies because of something.


We all have lots of stories on the topic which is friendship the relation and bond we create with the person with whom we have similar sort off wavelength. Friends are like rare precious gems one can’t find them easily.
Well!! You can find a friend like in any age group and from any stream. He or she just knows you so well….that person will be the one with whom you share your joy and sorrow…!



We all know every relationship is built on the base called as trust.

These days we have experienced that everyone have become more realistic and is lacking the personal interaction. And this may affect our mindset about friendship…
Friendship shall not be influenced by money and all stuffs.

It doesn’t matter how much wealth you have but you shall have good friends…that also matters!!

Some of the people don’t prefer being with friends as they find being with them as a waste of time. There are people who don’t move an inch if their friend don’t come at their place…there are so many!! Whatever case friendship counts… And you are gonna have that one person who will mean a lot to you.. The one you will call for your birthday, the party… Wedding… This and that.. Coffee meet ups…. So many events!! So much to speak abou



There are friends who will be with you only for a month or so but the bond you will share will be unbreakable.. Yes!! Such friendship exists…!!

There could be friendship between a boy and girl.. Of course!!
Having a guy to be the bestie is the blessing…really!!
Look all girls don’t love to talk all the time about lipsticks and gossiping stuffs.. But they love things such as play and stuffs like that… Those type of girls are more happier when with boys… No no not for their attention.. But because they can be playful and enjoy…

Friendship takes lots of maintain!!
But when you try with all your heart in.. It’s smooth sailing and doesn’t take much hard work..

Your teenage period and when in your twenties and thirties.. Your behavior and thoughts are influenced by the company you are with.. Friends!! That’s why it’s said.. Man is known by the company he keeps!!

Elders keep us telling that make friends with Care. When we are in school… Parents make sure that they ask our Buddies grades… It happened with all of us..!!

People make assumptions that if one is friend with someone from Rich background can create trouble for the one who’s from middle class… No no.. Friends don’t have class… It’s just there!!


For some people dogs are their best friend and for some it’s all about having good books.. Books are their best friend..
See!! Friendship doesn’t have a shape or things like that.. It’s totally up-to us!! Totally!!


Make your life a party by making good friends…

Do yourself a favour… Choose good friends!!

A song from the movie Sholay says a lot about how the bond is.
Tera yaar hoon main depicts how a friend always wants best from you..
listen at this song too..

If you are among those who’s trust was broken by friends.. Or haven’t found the true friend yet… You too be loyal… And Watch this!!

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So!! Happy Friendship Day!!

{ Be your own best friend too }

Take care!!!

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