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Riots: It’s not the solution!!


I hope you are doing well. Today I will be speaking about the people who create riots, again!! Okay!! So, if you seriously read all the post you may have an idea that there were riots in my city few months back. And now the another riot have began. That’s how foolish!! Really foolish!! The people in India want reservations. So!! Let me tell you what all that stuff is all about… You get benefit in your education.. Job opportunities if you belong to the caste mentioned in reserved category. So!! The students those who come under the reserved quota are given concession and allowed to pay less fees or money…

They don’t get admission in the prestigious institute just because they have brain and insights but they get in that institute because they belong to the caste or the race mentioned under reserved category.

So!! Now the one who were not getting reservations are creating riots and violent situations. It’s scary!! I hate it!!

The Brahmins are not fighting at all because they have real talent and they have brain and insights. They are intellectual!!
I m proud of the people who don’t fight for reservations.. Let these people flourish and achieve great. They really deserve!!

When it comes to getting the good college and job one’s skill sets and merit shall count…

So!! My question to you is whether all these riots are politically influenced?

What’s happening in my India!!

I hope there will be peace.

The media is exaggerating everything and people around are getting angry and kids are sitting home because there are holidays given because of the riots happening..

The Internet connection is stopped when there are riots!!

So!! The riots are affecting each one in direct or indirect way!! And that all shouldn’t…
When someone wants something they shall work on themselves and chase towards their goal. One shall grow their self esteem and then pursue their job.
The mentality of people to raise the aggression to get what they want is not good. The power is totally up-to government authority and the Supreme Court will give the final decision. It’s not something that the citizens shall ask for and make riots the way. The reservation was supposed to be stopped because it was meant to lessen the percentage year after year since it came into effect. But it happened? No!! It kept on increasing.. And that’s bad!!

I hope there are minds who will have solution to these problems and riots. There will be happiness!!

Of course no one wants to live with unsafe surroundings!!

In your life once you are in your youth, judging all the people and the environment …it is the thing you do the most. By doing this, we decide our future plans about living in the city or relocating somewhere else.
Do you want to give birth to your child where there is peace of the place where riots take place?

You want to be safe and sound.. Right?

So!! See the things around you. What’s going on? Talk about it.. Let your mind know what’s going on and what activities are politically influenced and what’s yet to come..
Listen at the prime time debate shows. And of course let your eyes filter those news which are really beneficial to know.

For the one who initiate the riots in any part of the world.
This is for you!!

Hello riot maker!!
What’s up? I know what you are up-to. You want to create violence and want some sort of approval from the authority. I understand you! I understand how life is dealing with you. I simply get it! I know the present government have hurt you. I know that! Life!!
So!! You choose to disturb everyone. So!! You scare people. And I simply don’t believe what makes you do that. Why just you do that.. Why you initiate and why do you participate? Tell me… Use your words.. Because I know you have sweet tongue.. I m right.. I know.. You have!!
I simply get you!! You are unaware about what consequences your steps are turning into.. Are you aware in what direction you are directing your thoughts.. In which way!! If you don’t know.. Get some clarity.. Take somebody’s help.. Be calm! Be happy!! Okay!!

I know you know that whatever violence you are doing that’s not good. Not at all.. So, why to simply do it? Why?

I want you to understand that you are good.. Good at heart!! Spread love!! Win whatever you want to win with love. Not by taking aggressive steps. Okay!!
Spread love!! And if you stand for truth you will simply win!!


(Disclaimer : These is a blog post, As I know we have freedom of speech and press. These post is not at all intended to hurt any one’s feelings for the caste or religion . I have respect for all and more faith in those who are more human. I stand for peace)

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Take care!!

Stay happy!! Spread love!! šŸ’Ÿ

(picture from divya Marathi)

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