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Did they didn’t allowed?


We are allowed and sometimes we are not. Okay!!  It may be regarding to our career and sometimes marrying someone. It’s said that if you need permission to do something then don’t do it. It’s well said actually!!  But as far we can go on our own it’s alright but the tougher part begins when it comes down to monetary back. To pursue dreams and passion we need to get money. We need money to serve our plans which are great indeed!! Time tells it!! Before setting Your Own niche sometimes you have to hop and hop for jobs.
You will gain experience!

So!  When we are young we are often asked what you wanna be?  Right?  In that way they manage the money. Yes!!  I m talking about them. The sponsors!! The parents!!  Okay!!  They love us that’s why they spend money on us. But after some time when you get young you have to listen.. Stuffs!!  We are earning so and so not for these and that!! Have you heard it all? Let me know.

Though you share you blurred plans with them about what you wanna become they will say.. And raise a doubt on you sometimes whether you are capable of not?? A big huge doubt which will decide your road to your dreams and your first step on the road of self doubt. You welcome mindset where you think if my parents won’t believe why will people out there. That little doubt will create a feeling of Hey!!  I don’t want to waste their money at all..
Actually!!  It’s their duty/love to just believe in us. That we could win. For lots of children that firm believe adds up to their success ratio. Of course!!!

We feel good and better when someone close to us believes in us and have faith in us. Of course they shall tell us when we have any dirt on our face but they shall have faith in us too.. And that believe and faith that they pour in us is so much valuable!! So much valuable than money. Really!!

Clarity is very important for sure. Time will make the vision bright and your focus just on good thing which will create an earning source for you. Though your dream is different make sure to get clear that to achieve your dreams and to feed your passion as well you need to earn money through something. Of course good things!! So be clear!!
Eye on money
Yes!!  Once you create an earning source for yourself. It’s your responsibility to start saving as well. And don’t just spend but save as well. Keep track on the inflow of money and outflow too. Keep some amount aside for emergency fund as well.
Know how you can use money to pursue your passion.
Now you have resource and one of that is money. Now use your brain to use the funds properly. It’s totally up to you.. Totally!!

Till than you land on the earning zone or are earning make sure you brush up your skills as well. Keep on educating yourself. It’s gonna help you.

Never hold yourself back and keep on exploring!!

On the way you will meet the kisses giver and those hot men but know what are your needs and take into account that stuffs ,the way you feel at that moment. It’s totally up-to you what your choices are. But know that you are on your journey towards passion and these stuff won’t affect that much.

Start!! Your time is coming!!
You are gonna win!!!

So!! Don’t stop dreaming though they didn’t allow you. Allow yourself to earn , fill up your pockets and go with your passion.

Well!!  I hope you will..

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7 thoughts on “Did they didn’t allowed?

  1. I totally know that feeling of parents doubting me. And the lack of money. I’m trying my best to save cash to persue my dream. I’m learning, everyday, to get out of my comfort zone and be the person i need to be. Thanks for sharing this great post with us 🌹xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah!! Stay strong!!
      I m sure you will be the person you wish to be and you are on the way.. 💟✨💟✨💟

      I m glad you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

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