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Avoid insulting people!





We will be covering topics related with relationships, life and all things in between. Like always!!
Twenties are all about knowing your inner voice and knowing exactly what you want. What are your emotional wants. Everything!!
In some way or the other we are insulting or someone insults us. We all face it! It’s all in our mind how we face it and deal with it.




For those who have read or watched the series called “13 reasons why” know how Hannah is affected by the behavior of everybody around her.
Let it be in the house or outside you come across various people. They bring plethora of feelings along with them. Some of them can really make you feel desirable and some of them can hurt you very badly. Whatever types of people we are surrounded by it is totally up-to us how we let in all this thoughts and their opinions affect us. Some of the people are born critics!! They just don’t know how to praise. People die to hear sweet words of appreciation which are genuine.
All of us have a personality trait and our family background also affects our behavior.


When your elder family member yells at you in front of all it feels embarrassing and sometimes the people you don’t know insult you and create rumours. Happens someday in each one of our lives.

Make sure you don’t pay much attention to stuffs like that. Take your own time and come out of it.
Words act like sword and they leave deep wound. So use the words wisely!!

Hard textured things break but the flexible things have less chance to break down. So!!  Don’t be stone hearted because it’s good to know how all the feelings feel and how they rule. Honour your feelings.

If anyone insults you. Use silence and deal with all that shit gracefully. That’s the best tip I can throw at you. Catch it!!


Respect the People around you.
Love is required!!  Spread love!!

People remember how you made them feel.

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