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Words, Travel and More!!

How are you?  How are you feeling now?


Getting comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable.
It helps a writer to just know every situation so well. We can’t live our life just by running from the situation always. You have to live it to become a good writer and to be a good writer.
     You know, just as you want to I have decided to be fucking awesome or say amazing.

( Oh!!  Do you want me to write a post on pantie less week too) 

First thing to becoming an amazing person is to be selfish.
I know, people will hate that but you just need to be.
Next is value time… Don’t just keep on contributing your time to every one with sweet tongue. Everyone just does not deserves your time and so you also don’t deserve to poke your nose in anybody’s work. Okay!! Respect time.
Be honest!!    
You just need to have that attitude of total honesty and discipline for your work.

Express yourself!!
(Okay so I need to implement this thing more as I want the people around me to know more about me…)
I need to be lot more expressive to be great at whatever I m doing. You know sometimes it takes this ‘expression’ to let the elders in our family know what we really like. They may consider that the stupid decision but if your way of expression is authentic… You are going to convince them too.

Networking helps a lot…

So true!!  Isn’t it.. Well what the girls who don’t step out of the house as much as they should because of their parents do?  I feel that take help of internet. At least get in touch with like minded people. You know..!!  And pray god.. And there you go..
Truly!!  Networking helps alot.

Be vivacious, spontaneous and wild. Yeah!!  Impulsive too.. Then people are gonna call you crazy!!  No doubt!!
But you are YOU then.

Travel just heals us. Shows us!!  Reveals us!!
As I have said in the posts before I m going to add a ‘travel’ section. I m not in that ‘traveller girl’ section but I wish and also have a goal of travelling the world. So!!  Just like you I also keep out checking good places to visit and to have on to-do-list. Grabbing the Knowledge about the places I find appealing. Many people due to their over indulgence in their work forget to travel. Their family don’t have that traveling-along-with-family-attitude and there are no travelling memories to share. That’s okay! Sometimes health is the challenge but there are people who travel no matter what challenges come their way.
Let’s awaken the traveler within us all.



Is the city in the Hungary. It’s one of those European nations. It’s beautiful and the river Danube divides two city calling it as Budapest. It’s phenomenal. There are buses which offer sight seeing and cruises as well.
The instaworthy budapest bridge over the magnificent River Danube is amazing and whenever you will go there make sure to click pictures.
I saw the Budapest and was impressed when I saw the Bollywood movie Force 2 . And as I fall for the beauty of locations I fell in love with Budapest too. Lovely it is!! I love movies which make me search the location where they have been shooted the scenes. Yipee!!

As the people of 21st century we all love night life. And the night life in Budapest is shiny and overwhelming.
To find more visit the site here
And yes!!  If you want to travel solo Budapest is the good place.
Happy traveling!!
Which is the recent place you have travelled?

Budapest goers don’t  forget the toothpaste ( ugh… What did I just said)


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Sending positive vibes to you!!

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8 thoughts on “Words, Travel and More!!

  1. I must admit your blog gave us a look at what makes you you. Then the rest pulls us into a world of travel in Europe. I love that also. I give you and ” A ” for this entertaining post !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant bullet points and now I have to watch Force 2. 😉

    Get comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable.
    be selfish
    Value time
    Be honest
    Express yourself
    Be vivacious, spontaneous and wild. Yeah!!  Impulsive too.. Then people are gonna call you crazy!!  No doubt!!

    Superb!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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