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Confession from a confused graduate.



Have you ever felt like a lost boat in the ocean which doesn’t know where to go, how to go?

That’s how I m feeling. Life have turned on all the confusion and I know that I m not only the one. This happens with all the twenty somethings. But, as a girl who goes with the flow I haven’t ever felt this confused and lost ever. I hope I will find the shore. But even though it takes long time that’s okay… I feel!!
    The situation is like… Hell!!  You are a graduate now.. What’s next??
You know, when I got the results what I was asked.. Now what’s ahead??  Hell!!  I don’t have any precise idea. Why are you so curious.. When I was in my HSC / high school people asked me what are you doing after that… And I happened to get graduate in commerce field… Everything just happened!!  Because I always feel that nothing goes the way we have planned it. It takes it own pace.

I know you are way too organized than I m. And you are thinking.. This girl is so bad at planning..
Well, that’s how I m.
   To all those who will ask you what’s you plan ahead..
Answer them that I / you just want to try something unconventional and want to open new career for me/you which merely anyone knows exist in our country which could take time and could be whole of trials and errors but that all will be worth. Try something new!! Be ready to struggle!! 
    I was reading an article about personality lately to just know in what criteria I fall into. And what I m.. ENFP!!
If you want to try in which personality types you fall it would be great if you give the test a try. It’s really good to try.
Though we get to know which personality type we are. We just don’t know what’s next!!
But yeah!!  It makes our confusion little less and we can at least see the horizon or a silver lining of the cloud.

Damn!!  Few years back I didn’t knew the question “what’s next?” could be hovering my mind..
I m going to try my best to find my shore. May be that’s what making my life so interesting and full of experiences.
I will be having so much to share after few years about how a confused twenty something conquered and created a nichΓ©. And I hope that to read my articles and to know all the stuffs at that moment you will be loving my blog and my other initiatives. So, keep reading my articles and share your views and your stories.


I would love to help you out and maybe together we can solve the challenge… Let’s find out our call and check whether that’s right or not..
Never stop trying and be a multi-passionate!!
Remember, that you are ‘unique’!!

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I hope you like it..

20 thoughts on “Confession from a confused graduate.

  1. I am still looking for what is coming next for me. I am looking for work as a freelance writer this fits with what I am doing. I write books and my blog. All I can say is opportunities often show up unexpectedly. Also, you are on your way to a great career doing what you do best. A Graduate with a Degree in Commerce is always wanted by major companies. Good luck my friend !!

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    1. Hey!!
      We all will eventually know what’s right and what we need to do.
      That’s okay…
      “Do what makes you happy… ”
      That’s what I remember now…

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  2. Try something new!! Be ready to struggle!!Β 

    Never stop trying and be a multi-passionate.

    Love that!! Multi-passionate. Lol. Brilliant. ❀️❀️❀️

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  3. April,

    It is totally reasonable for you to experience confusion and stress, this is a new turning point in your life. Obviously a career is totally different to high school or uni. Career is manual work. We have to use the knowledge we accumulated throughout our schooling years to apply to real life situations.

    I will experience the same thing when I graduate in a few years so I sort of relate what kind of puzzleness you may be feeling!

    But keep calm. It may be overwhelming at first but it will get better. Like @myplace3187 said, “A Graduate with a Degree in Commerce is always wanted by major companies”!

    Since I haven’t graduated yet, I am unable to provide you proper advice however, the following are just some basic tips to make you more employable based on what I researched on the web. Also not all tips will apply to you;

    – research some positions in the commerce industry – write down the job positions you are interested the most e.g. Finance manager, Management consultant etc. The commerce industry is pretty diverse, it is good to find that one position that suits you the most.

    – create a e-portfolio (a website) where you present your work samples, resume, skills etc. It is technically a online resume, but more visual and has your work samples (here is a example – )

    – create a professional social media account e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter

    – Finalize your resume (unless you done it already!)

    – have a professional email which you will use to send your resumes to your potential employers (lol my email names are so werid haha! It is probably just me)

    – have a professional profile picture on your social media (I need to do that!)

    Hope that helped in some way! πŸ˜› Feel free to ask more! I’ll try my best to cheer you up πŸ˜€



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    1. Oh wow!! I was so delighted to get such a brief view from you.
      That’s really helpful.
      I m happy that I have a good friend like you to cheer me up..
      Yes!! I will keep all the points in mind.
      I have my mail and resume done with my details All over the job portals.
      I will be searching for more writing fields too. Because this is the time where I could get to explore…
      Let’s hope for the best!!!
      Take care..
      Sending positive vibes.. πŸ’«

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