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May month musing


If I was looking in my phone then I won’t have grabbed his stare then. I won’t have been witnessing and feel those butterflies when a handsome man looks at me. I hope you got what I want to say. As you are reading this, just look up and see around what stuffs are you missing looking at. Well, if you are in the washroom letting out your shit and having the screen in hand.. You just are gonna see the shit and all.. So!! Just get out once you are done and keep that phone or laptop aside and look around.
If you are at college don’t just keep on scrolling the screen but look around.
I know in this article I have said ‘look around and look around’. But that’s true!!  Just do it..
At least stare at that handsome man there.. That’s so good feeling!!

What I liked!!
I m instagram lover and a month ago I installed snapchat. I hope you know what it is. I installed it at 9 in the night  and uninstalled it at 10 at night. Well, I loved all the features… No doubt!! But as I have said to myself a year ago that I m Just gonna be on one social media platform and I chose instagram. That’s it!!

What I was asked?
How you came up with the idea about writing a braless week post?
Hey you all… Do check that article on my blog. I hope you will love it.
And if you desire to read something bold and good at the same time this blog is for you.

Well… Few days back in my city there were riots. I was scared and I was angry on those people who did that. I hope all will get fine soon.
Let’s hope for peace.

Let me tell you I love to travel and I love know about various places. But I haven’t traveled as much a travel lover shall explore places. So, what I do is I just take each place or a city , and do research on that town and know as much I could as internet makes all available , we just need to find correct things. So, I m going to share with you guys which places and which locations I m willing to explore and what I m liking.

     And yes!!
If you are searching for a penpal I would love to be one.
Just let me know.


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Let me know your views.

I will be entertaining you on blogs and writing stuffs and on podcast as well. Let’s tune in on instagram too.

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