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Mother’s Day!!


So on 13th May it’s Mothers Day.

Fifteen missed call and then her child picks up the call.

Where are you?  When are you coming back home?

Yes!!  I m coming mom.

Well mom calls. She is worried about us always.

Sometimes you yell at her but she stays quiet. Sometimes she gets angry on you but that anger subsides the other minute. Who does it all…?? Obviously Mom… !!

It’s said that when a women becomes mother it’s just like she is having a rebirth.

The bond between child and mom is unbreakable. Our journey to this life began in her womb. So, do thank her for taking care.

We can see lots of mother-daughter relationships. Some daughters are exact opposite to their mother in behavior and likes too. Some mother-daughters appear like best friends. They have same tastes. We can see lots of variety which makes me think whether boys are close to mommy or Daughter’s are dad’s favourite? Some mother n daughter chat about lots of things and some mothers start yelling at her daughter for talking rubbish. Some daughters love to share everything with their mom and some just don’t want to, even they know that their mom is open-minded and won’t shout but help them out. We all do get irritated when someone cares about us so much. But you know, that’s what we urge for when we don’t have anyone to care for us.

Being a mom in 21st century is not that easy. She worries about her daughter safety whenever she steps out of the house. The mother gets worried if her daughter is spending hours talking with a guy. She knows when you are about to cry and when you are blushing. She just know ‘You’!! She will tell and explain the various physical changes you are going to experience when you are in your puberty. She will try her best to witness each and every milestone of your life.

Tips for making your mommy feels special…

1) Give her tight hug. If she is busy with her work don’t hover around to give her hug. Let her get free and then pamper her.

2) Try to make a dish for her.

3) Say ‘Thank you’!

If you stay away from your family make sure you call her everyday. Surprise her and most important is ‘make her smile’.

Thanks!!  To all those mothers who are reading this. You are strong women. Just be sure that even if it’s girl in your womb don’t do abortion. Let her experience the world out. She is your daughter and she will be strong. Let her get education and live her dreams. Let her embrace her femininity and explore her womanhood.

Maybe you are single mother. Really at this point please don’t loose courage. Your child will be your true sunshine.

Well, to all mothers who just forget their ‘own’ self while taking care of kids. Start pampering yourself. Take some time out of your day for doing meditation. Looking after your hubby even though you are busy with kids is important because he needs you and he is the man who made you mom. Worship him!!

Click family pictures and share your experiences with your kids. Enjoy with your children and value peace and calmness.

To all mothers and mother’s-to-be wish you a very Happy Mother’s day!!

Let me know your thoughts in comments and also feel free to message me directly on instagram

I would love to know
What are you planning for the Mother’s Day? 

( I know boys are also mothers favorite, here I have talked about mother n daughter)

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6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day!!

    1. Hey!!
      Happy Mother’s Day to you.. The new mom..
      I guess, international Mother’s Day is on 13th.
      I always feel that let the world celebrate the Motherhood and respect them 365 days..
      Thanks for reading!!
      Sending positive vibes 💫

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