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Confession and lesson by her

Hope you are great…
Well, I know that the story or the transformational story has the power to heal.

(In the story of a girl her name is Veronica. And in my words…)

Do let me know your thoughts.
Here it begins……


I just love what I m right now. Nothing affects me…I m so happy to see the people who didn’t kept me happy. That’s the pure feeling I have experienced. When the people used to fail to make me happy, I used to drop my self down and hit the rock bottom. And I have lifted myself up and now I m strong. And I m proud of that. Those times I was so crazy that I used to say hello to every romantic encounter. But now, I don’t do it. I have become more controlled. And I m happy with it. Those many acquaintance or say encounters have played vital role. It makes me strong. Which I became Now. …..I was in so much crazy state that I had sex and I knew that I don’t want any bad consequences and I used to have pills. What all I said to me was “lady.. Doing all this is your choice and save yourself” because if I would have got pregnant I knew that I won’t be allowed to be their women. You know what I mean. The pills has it’s own advantages and disadvantages …which shows on weight and skin too.. For few days!!

Later, I m so in control that I m going to do the party with one person and gonna make sure that I get attached to him with emotions and is good for my mental health.

   Whatever happens now I don’t breakdown. I love myself more. I know that immense self control is going to be beneficial to me. And I m not masturbating and I want that one man to do the favor for me. And I m gonna wait because wait is sexy.

My actions then was just influenced by just being like party and fun girl. Have sex with whoever comes her way. Wants to end up in bed. To elaborate, couple of years back.. I was a studious girl.. With same specs.. Not at all in such things.. Then she thought of changing herself…. She became what she was attracted too.. Or influenced by… I know that now… she doesn’t have regrets about those things she did.. Because that was her choice..

She learned from the experience that it’s good to discover things… Taste life and shall have guts to face the consequences. Mind shall be fit. Be a badass. And now she wants to be good again. A charismatic and clean personality. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Transforming yourself is never bad. And if you think or turn out to know that it’s not working. .. become something new. Try to grow and realize what you are. Discover!! You will grow… And know very well while choosing as you have experience…

Well I feel that you learned some lesson that you can get better again. Change is constant and our personality is fluid….. Things change, people grow. Never have regrets…. And be happy!!!

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31 thoughts on “Confession and lesson by her

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Your growth in self care is wonderful. I have had to evaluate some of the people I used to call friends. I’ve let people go who bring me down. I’ve also recognized that my happiness is my choice and no one can take that away from me. I can see your confidence through your writing. Nicely done and thank you for sharing!! ☺️

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    1. Hello!!
      First of all I would love to Thank you for visiting my blog.
      Yes! I would love if you publish my articles on
      My name is Vrushali Khadilkar.
      I m from India.
      Do let me know when my articles are published.
      Thank you!!

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