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Birthday special


Are you one of those who’s birthday/anniversary is rememberd my everyone?  Yes! Okay!!  Then may be you have let your all the details out on those social media where a message pings up on the users screen whenever your birthday is there… Right?  So! Does that mean they ‘remember’? They haven’t even set the anniversary or birthday date on their own calender. Why we live in an illusion that the one in front knows our birthday if the date is correct and it’s on social media. (I never put my own birth dates on any portal of social media because our real folks know,right?). Also, there are people who see the ping of your birthday and don’t type a single letter or say out loud to wish you. There may be reason. So!! Let it be. Celebrate your own birthday with full zest. Love yourself!! Wish yourself!!
   Friends and family are going to wish us anyways and we shall be grateful for that. Feel blessed!!
   Many people say that when you get of certain age the spirit of celebrating your birthday goes away. That isn’t true? Is it?
Celebrating such occasions and every little moment shall be In your mind the way it is in my fucking mind. (laughing)
   There are situations when you expect so much from the people around you to do something to make you feel special. The real fun is getting birthday/anniversary wishes from people even when it’s not on your social media profile. That’s real!!  Truly real!!!
   We get happy!!
And that’s also true and we shall accept that sometimes due to the busyness in our lives we forget the birthdays or anniversary dates of our near and dear ones. It happens!!  We shall know that, it doesn’t change the love and care between you guys. There is that bond!!
    It’s our genuine feeling that the whole world shall celebrate our birthday. There shall be fun. Dance!!  He shall come at our place and surprise us with romantic awesome birthday. There shall be laughter!!  Isn’t that how we feel our birthday shall be? 
  In Indian culture late back then there wasn’t a celebration like, there is now. The birthday cake and cutting it and blowing candles were all adopted from the western culture. In India, there is tradition and a philosophy that the person(birthday bitch.. Haha)  shall visit the holy temple. Take blessing from the elders and just have some sweet. The elder will circle the Diya clockwise and that’s it.
But now… We celebrate with cakes and lads more… Things have changed!!  Now girls grab the dicks and add the additional new digit to their current age (15 becomes 16)…. They score now!!



   Also, the girls who don’t celebrate more also exist. And they are happy!! Their own way to dance without dancing!!

So, as I always say no matter people celebrate for you or not don’t forget to celebrate for your self.
It’s up-to you how you make yourself feel special. You can just lit up as many candles you want for yourself,you can make your own can, you can give yourself a treat at some luxurious spa or something like that, you could write a cute note for yourself, you can create something, you can tie those balloons everywhere, you can do lots of things. And this are tips from the self love junkie like me. Yuhoo!!!

Take care



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