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Photo Challenge: Smile!

You are fine,right? Yeah!! If not find something around you which will make you smile. It could be anything, you know!! If you are on the road you may see a girl walking with her phone on and blushing a lot. Just smile thinking that she is talking with her guy. That smile!! Yeah!!  Hold it on. Don’t let it go. If you are in your house right now and can’t find anything to smile for. Don’t worry!!  Look up and smile!! Laugh!!  Just smile for knowing that you are screwing the life or the life is fucking you. Anyways you are loving that. Aren’t you?
  But just smile! It will make you instant happy.
So,here I’m sharing with you some photos which make me happy and are the reason for joy. I m participating in the photo challenge. And the theme is SMILE.
The link is here.


This picture clicked in the morning. And that’s candid shot.


This biscuit made my day and maked me smile in the cloudy afternoon. Biscuit love!!


I was just going through my old books. And I found this. I have jotted down the points from the seminar I have attended. And I smiled!! 


Isn’t that lovely!! 
  And there are lots of stuff which have maked me smile today.
So, find the reason to smile. Only people shall not make you smile but it’s your duty to be happy with the things around. You know!!  Make yourself happy. At least do yourself that favour in this busy routine life. Okay!!  And also smile acts like a sword.
  Smile works wonders.
  Smile!! Say cheeeeeeessssss…!! Perfect!!

Thank you!!
Take care. 😊


18 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Smile!

  1. Firstly,Thanx for reminding me to smile. And I loved that not only people around us that can make us smile, even non living things can give us immense joy and make us smile.
    I would like to share that when ever i see

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