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Believe #1 πŸ™

Hey you!  I hope you are well.

Today I will be writing about how we human beings get involved with the astrological stuffs.
And it’s my view.
Look whatever is happening is just going to happen anyways. Alright! The Universe supports us whatever we ask for.
Look!! if someone have been ill for a while and then astrologer tells.Well that’s already known. Okay!!  The person is recovering. If it’s taking long time for someone to get clarity of their future and they knowing that an astrologer tells them it again.. Man!!  That person already knows that he is not getting clarity and is also optimistic that someday he will get the clarity.
  Astrology is prediction and in India it’s mainly done. People matter how literate they are they believe in all this stuffs, anyhow.

Someone rightly said that future and destiny is what we make. We just get to know anyhow when it’s the correct time. People just before doing the marriage go to the astrologer and match the kundli (birth chart)  … Whatever!! 
  There are many people around. In fact my family as well believes in the stuffs a lot just like any other Indian family… Haha!!  And you know…i don’t like it. Well, there are shows nowadays on television and also on the internet which have those astrological based shows and I just burst into laughter when I see someone in my family watching the television so sincerely. Why to watch that astrological shows with so much focus that if even the door knocks the watcher gets irritated as they want to keep their eyes and ears just on TV. The show producer gives the phone numbers which are scrolling down on screens and people dial it to find solution to their problems. Fucking shit!!  And you know they tell what we read here and there… “Time will come after one year or two until then you wait..” Well the man is anyhow is going to wait okay!!  And another solution they come up with which is already known and a normal person does it regularly and that’s ‘prayer’.. C’Mon there is nothing new that we got the solution for the first time.. Huh!!  We pray!!  Anyhow..

I really feel that we make our own life. We have to struggle and emerge strong. Life will show it’s all colours. Just accept and believe in ultimate superpower which is Lord almighty.


[ I do have respect for the astrologers, it’s just that people believe in them 100%. Instead people shall believe in themselves more and sculpt their future]

36 thoughts on “Believe #1 πŸ™

  1. haha really dont know what to say..u know wat? I once saw a person in TV saying being named ‘Charles’ has no money in his ;ife because his name has ‘les’ in it πŸ˜› numeralogy.don’t know what to say

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  2. Haha yeah! I too get annoyed on such Baba’s who sit on morning news channel shows , and spill out the perfect lies every single day! Making fool out of innocent Indians and filling their own pockets , that’s there business, they don’t give a damn about the problems of people

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    1. Right you are.
      It’s irritating…
      And Indians are raising the Trp of channels in the morning…
      We all go through it…
      We have to believe that Lord almighty have perfect time.
      As Lord Krishna said.. “karma karte raho vyarth kee Chinta mat Karo ” ..

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  3. Lol, what you narrated in this post is absolutely true. Even I don’t trust this so called astrologers who claims to bring happiness in your life just by giving some ratna and all. We should believe ourselves and obviously work hard.
    Great post 😎

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  4. Really i loved your post. Psychology plays an important role in astrology as if you read 10 points given in your horoscope(which are general in nature) your brain automatically cross check those with your current scenario and as those points are so general that more than 1 points match with your current situation and you got tricked. What i think is that your tiny actions(being idle is also a part of action πŸ˜‰) affects the whole universe and vice versa. 😊

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  5. Interesting discussion! I believe in both destiny and free will, if that makes sense? Haha. I think we do have the power to make certain changes in our lives. As you said, there is value in believing in ourselves and in our capacity to sculpt our own futures. But if we try our hardest and still not achieve a particular goal or arrive at where we want to be, then maybe our destiny lies in a different path. πŸ™‚

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    1. I m glad you found the discussion interesting. Yeah!! You can have a belief in free will and destiny.. It’s totally up-to you…
      Yes!! We do have power to make certain changes as it totally depends on what choice we make.

      Yeah!! After trying our 100% and still not achieving can be taken as trying one more time.. Or finding out the true calling.. as you said.

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