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Last Saturday of March




Hey!!  I hope you are fine. I mean it dear.
I have an idea that March was not that good for you  but hey sweetheart did you noticed that it was good too. Just think about it you may have been ill but you got time to think and take an intense look at everything and recover. You got strong and that’s because you underwent something. You may have not performed well but did you noticed that the one who’s performing well… You didn’t pulled them down either.. You were good.. ‘good’!!  So, never it’s like that..that you haven’t done anything in that month.. You have!!  Okay!!
  So,  we have come on the last platform of March month and from tomorrow we will start our journey from April platform. I know I know.. April is amazing month!!  I love April…
     (There is ☀ pouring out heat on us here.. And it’s so humid and Hot everywhere… Need to wear… Sunscreen)
      What I learnt from the month March is that …one month can show lots of colours of life. It may include love, guilt and pride. The feeling when someone forgets something important for us.. For example..your birthday.. Oh god!!  That feels terrible… I m a girl who remembers everything.. I mean it..
I make everyone feel special in my own way. I make sure that everyone is happy.. Happy!! For me it’s important.. And I feel that why shall we expect others to do so many good things for us.. But girls, never forget we have right to hope!!  Hope!! Love yourself!!  Never forget to love yourself…
Because if you keep on loving only the people around you.. Who will give love to you… Huh!! It’s you darling..!!  Love your own stuffs.. Know what ‘you’ want..

   My favorite quote of March is by Robin Sharma- “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”

The quote is so real. When the dynamic change takes place in our lives it’s really hard to accept.  And later when we accept and live with it.. It creates confusion and messiness.. But we have the courage to overcome the change and the messiness which comes along with it… At last it’s gorgeous… And that’s why change is necessary.. Okay!!

   In India, the last Saturday of March holds ‘Hanuman Jayanti’ . The lord of power.
May Lord Bajrangbali bless you all.

  I hope the coming up month will be great for you.




Take care…!!

9 thoughts on “Last Saturday of March

  1. Hi, I like the positive vibes in the post. To see the positivity amidst everything is the essence of life.

    Would love to read more!! I share the same thoughts. If you like, drop by my blog and let me know your thoughts

    Keep writing!! Keep insipiring!!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! That’s one of my favourite quote. You know there are so many good words out there and some of them just inspires us and help us to stay strong… Which is very important.
      I m glad you liked it.
      Find my own words on instagram @april_autumn12

      Thank you so much!!


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